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The Mountain Lords: House of Dawnglare

Forget not, dear cousin. Our house was well known, basking in glory long before the sunwell, let along before anyone heard the name of Lorthemar Theron; and it will be well-remembered long after the name Theron will be forgotten by all
(Magister Celebrimor Dawnglare to his cousin Karahir)

Banner: golden griffin with long talons and spread wings, looking ablaze, on a dark blue background.


1633 years before the opening of the dark portal, an ambitious ranger commander named Varlanthir Dawnglare sent by king Anastarian into the wild heights of the eastern mountains, forced the rival mountain clans to unite under his banner, to assault a stronghold sitting high on the cliffs above the mountain passage, long fallen to the hands of the Amani trolls. During that fight, he fought one-on-one against the hugh Grawl’rung ice monster sent by the trolls, beheaded the creature and ordered to mount the enormous hand above the breached gates.
Although the Dawnglares claim for much more ancient history and glory, going as far as the reign of queen Azshara, 1633 BC is the clear start of their rule as lords of the Red Dawn mountain, over the rival clans of the mountain elves, long neglected by Silvermoon.

Such was the opening of the saga of the mountain lords of house Dawnglare; and a dark, brutal and often tragic tale it was during more than the 1650 years of their reign. In fact, very few of them died peacefully in their beds. Now days, when the tension between the current mountain lord and Silvermoon gets worse by the year, and even darker dangers are lurking in all directions, Lord Karahir Dawnglare, the “Old Blood Bear” might be the last of his line to sit upon the throne of Gonheriel tower… or worse.

List of the Dawnglare Lords and their years of reign over the mountain

Varlanthir the first:  1633 – 1587 BC
Great founder of the mountain throne, killed with his guards in an Amani ambush.
Ceorloria, daughter of Varlanthir: 1587 – 1518 BC
Made the alliance with the mountain dwarves; betrayed and murdered by traitorous ‘hosts’ from the Helliorath human-like tribe, out of mysterious reasons.
Erelass the mad, son of Varlanthir: 1518-1381 BC
the scourge of the Hellions, sunk into madness after wounded in a bloodbath between the mountain elves the the Amani; ordered to murder his sister’s children.
Lady Sorliriel, wife of Erelass: 1381-1370 BC
Ruled gonheriel keep for 11 years after the brutal death of her husband, while being besieged by her husband’s nephew, before surrendering; was allowed to leave unharmed together with her son, and dwelled for centuries in Eversong forest.
Varlanthir the second, Son of Ceorloria: 1370-581 BC
Considered the greatest of the mountain lords and a great victor against many enemies of the mountain. Decayed and willingly let his own life go, after the murder of his beloved wife by a maddened elf wizard that was her trusted protégé.
Val’rathion the scholar, son of Varlanthir (“The frowning star”): 581-373 BC
A gloom scholar that despised the wild mountains, sinking into grumpiness and arrogant depression; suffered defeats to the trolls and rebels alike; was finally dismissed from the throne and sent to exile by his younger brother. Killed by scourge invaders in Ghostlands few centuries later.

Current Lord of the Red Dawn mountain:

Karahir Dawnglare, Son of Varlanthir (“The Old Blood Bear”): 373 BC –
Once considered one of Quel’thalas finest warriors, also known by his brutality and his merciless towards honorless rivals, as well for his uncanny relationship with Silvermoon, even before he seized the mountain throne. Fel into a clever ambush made by the cunning Amani leader Zul’shara and his son Zul’jeera – losing his beloved son and heir Raltharion and falling himself as a captive of the Amani – which held him in Zul’Aman and tortured him. Escaped 5 years later, leaving a bloody trail behind him, and was since considered half mad, even among his own people.
Few decades later, he led his mountain elves into battle against the scourge army that climbed through the mountain passage, after laying waste to the great city of Kul’glorel beneath the mountains; and as he boasts “Threw them down of his mountain”.
The old blood bear still sits on his darkening mountain throne, believing that his line was ended (though he does have a single daughter left); after years in which Silvermoon (now part of the horde) had more or less ignored him, some Blood elf officials now turn their gaze upon the mountain, and especially upon the mountain dwarves – distant kin of the Wildhammers – that still live there, and though they are not members of the alliance, they swore no allegiance to the warchief and his ilk.

Raeloria Dawnglare, daughter of Karahir (born 3 years before the dark portal)
The old blood bear’s only living descendant, which in spite of showing strong tendency towards the light, refused to recruit into any official paladin order, mainly trained by a broken, dismissed blood knight. Spoiled and getting everything her heart desired by her father, who called her “my little treasure” – everything, but his true appreciation as a true heir to his line.
Called “Little treasure” and “That noisly brat” by many elves, she spends her time adventuring, refusing to take part in any horde-alliance hostility; Fighting minions of evil in far away lands, from Light’s hope capel to Duskwood foests – thus spending most of her time far away from the darkening mountain.