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Intro | the expansion

A New Epic Story Begins…

Witness the new (and maybe the last) chapter of the the Dawnglare house saga, and the rise of an old-new threat that endangers the whole of Quel’thalas. While warmongering and deceit bring the horde and the alliance into renewed conflict, the lord Regent of Silvermoon is about to face the ultimate test for his reign, as the unchecked power crave of a powerful magister throws both the Red Dawn mountain and Quel’thalas into the eye of the storm.
You may take your part in the ongoing story either as part of the horde, trying to enforce the rule of the regency over the mountain, while also investigating the growing threat of wretched and cultists in Eversong woods and even around Silvermoon city.
Alternatively, you can take part as part of the Alliance, sailing north to save fellow dwarves from danger of slavery and slaughter (and also claim riches and new powefull metal, to prevent them from falling to the hands of the horde), while trying to get the old mountain lord and the ancient clans of the mountain elves to side with the blue banner.

Both sides, however, may soon find themselves facing the schemes of the Amani and their new shadowy spidery minions; and Assaulting the last fortified bastion of scourge power in the high kingdom while trying to reveal and foil the nefarious plots of the cult of their damned and their unexpected evil allies… and more.

Theme and Loading Screen

A snow covered mountain view with some of the slopes looking as if they start to rise in flames; two big images of a mountain elf clansman in one side, and a golden wearing hellion fire-priest on the other side. Tiny shapes of blood elven and dwarven armies clashing on the bottom of the screen.
The loading music is a version of Blood elf themes, now combined with a mountain elf bagpipe, that is slowly talking over the theme.

New Regions to Explore
Explore twelve new regions: Fordawn vale, Thel’thorlas shallows, Goheriell passage, The skywood, Dawnsong highlands, Shattered loa crevice, wormwood rapids, Heliorath island, Saltgloom’s marrow, Vapor ridge, The plaguesmoot (Ruined high city of Kul’glorel),

and last but not least: the underground, long forgotten troll city of Zul’Barjhat.

Two new playable races: mountain elves and helions.

Decide and choose between rival inner-factions

Inside both the alliance and horde, not everyone sees the events in the same way.

While questing and earning reputation, each player character must choose his or her own stand abot the way their own faction might deal with both the rival faction and other events.
You may choose your stand as rather horde/alliance militant, which wish to focus on struggling the other faction and give it the good beating it deserves; or rather side with those that prefer negotiation and other more peaceful attitudes to solve the growing conflict; Making such choices, you will be able to experience the story from different angles, and most importantly: face the consequences of your own decisions.

Fight your way through challenging outdoor quest zones and dungeons

Struggle against both old and new enemies of the red dawn: Savage Amani trolls and hugh snow monsters, as well as a swarm of mutated wretched elves, and the unending schemes of the cult of the damned and their undead minions… while also being watchful about the rival faction.
Make your way through a handful of challenging instances and two new intensive raids: a handful of new instances and two new raids: Kul’glorel city (“the plaguesmoot”) and The bowls of Silvermoon. Questing zones will include dangerous outdoor group-zones, which while not being mandatory to advancement, will grant improved loot and exp.

Moreover, pvp’ers will get a new battleground (“The battle of Gonheriel passage”), which will be unlocked while questing, first as an in-game event. And then turned into a proper repeatable battleground.