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The Foredawn vale


Detailed Sub-zones descriptions:
Garnetpike | The everpass and the Tournament grounds | The Stonehoots | The Blood gate | Rustusk (Zuv’gata) |The sunthorn shelf and Zul’jeera’s camp| The outskirts of Kul’glorel

This huge vale lies between the eastern reaches of Eversong forest and the foothills of the red dawn mountain itself; Those shadowy lands of dark green steppe littered with ancient, windswept rocks, still carry deep marks of the scourge invasion, as this was the only part of the red dawn region that was overwhelmed by the undead hordes at the end of the third war; the undead army quickly laid waste to the large high elf city of Kul’glorel and tunred it into a nightmarish ruins, before marching further and meeting their own defeat by the hand of the old mountain lord in the narrow passage of Gonheriel.
Nodawys, the vale is mostly (and slowly) recovering, except for some heavily undead contaminated zones surrounding the ruined city, which serves as the last scourge bastion in the high kingdom .
Most of the vale is a wind-bitten, shelter deprived rocky grasslands, with small ponds littering it here and there; with occasional dead or slowly recovering orchards or ruined lonely farms.
In the eastern side, the land start to rise and form greater and steeper cliffs, as it approaches the foothills of the great mountain looming high above it, and the low, sharp bushes start giving place to pale mountain pines and similar thin needle forest flora; As the foothills themselves are huge and almost vertical, there is only one possible passage that can lead travelers and convoys further up the mountain, which is the traitorous, winding Gonheriel pass. In all other parts of the eastern side of the vale, the passage is blocked by impenetrable cliffs, usually covered with such thick mist and harsh winds, that even winged creatures may think twice before trying to fly over them.

Some miles north to the mountain passage entrance (in the NE part of the vale), looming above a sickly thin forest of crooked conifers, the dwarven city of Garnetpike is still standing, covered in an un-natural aura of creeping darkness. Once a wealthy city controlling rich mines that drew deep into the roots of the foothills, Something nefarious had happened here few years ago. Though spared the direct onslaught of the scourge, it seems its surviving denizens are concealing themselves and usually avoid blood elf contact, there are dark rumors about greed and violent fray, which turned most of the local dwarves into something which while not truly undead, it is still well deserved to lurk in darkness, and avoid both elves and their own race alike. Only a single un-inflicted keep survived, in which an ancient dwarven family still hold into part of their former property; being neutral and not part of the alliance, their fortified hold is sometimes used as a safe stop to the few farstriders and other blood elves that pass through those parts.

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In the south part of the vale, an ancient stone shelf is hovering high above the steppe, called the Sunthorn shelf. Old is that highland, and few elves ever lived in it during the ages; this is a land of flat, cracked stones with water fingers running deep between them, before falling from the heights into the vale below; With nearly no trees, the land is littered with old, moss covered stone sentinels; not stricklytrollish in shape, but still strange, only half-humanoid, and believed to be older the Quel’thalas.
Some more plainly Amani ruins does exist in the eastern part of this highland, where the slopes become more moderate, descending into the troll sacred land of Rustusk; in those part, there is also some rocky passages that leads south, into the scarred “shattered loa” crevice – region of endless skirmish between the mountain elves and the Amani trolls.
In spite of plenty of iron veins, valuable mountain herbs and other resources, few elves or dwarves ever lived on Sunthorn shelf, reluctantly sharing the heights with some strange ancient beings – maybe the remains of a forgotten slave race created long ago by the Amani empire. However, the wealthy Sunthorn family, though they haled and lived in Kul’Glorel city, kept some assets here, in which their hirelings grew or collected some of those valuable herbs and mushrooms.
Recently, most of the Sunthorn family was wise enough to escape from Kul’glorel in time and retreating into their assets high in the shelf named after them, bringing some of their servitors and guards as well. Here, they plot to reclaim their former power within the high kingdom – though the deeds of one of their daughters: AlthelariaSunthorn, the newly appointed civil supervisor, and her burning hatred to the local dwarves, may drag her whole family into the eye of the storm, much sooner than they anticipated.
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