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Introduction to the Red Dawn mountain zone

Intro | the expansion

The Red Dawn Mountain is a tall, frostbitten and traitorous region, looming high to the east of Eversong Forest and Silvermoon City; A harsh, unforgiving land of vicious storms, snowy slopes and pine covered highlands; home to both mountain elves and a handful of dwarven clans. Though formally belonging to Quel’thalas, it was usually left to tend to itself for thousands of years.

For 1600 years, the elven lords from the Dawnglare line had ruled the windswept mountains, looming far to the east of Silvermoon, and its surrounding wild and dangerous lands; generation after generation, they fought to keep the savage Amani out of the eastern mountain passages, and keep the peace both between mountain elves and dwarves, and between the ancient elven clans to themselves, as thousands of years old hatreds die hard, and still slumber deep under the surface.

The current mountain lord, Karahir Dawnglare, called “The old Blood Bear” for his savagery in combat, was once one of Quel’thalas finest warriors. At current times, he is long considered a maddened brute. After losing his son and heir to a troll ambush, and himself being held and tortured for five years in the hands of the forest trolls.

Yet Still, the old mountain lord rules high from the tower of Gonheriell, and his prowess in combat is deadly as ever; when the scourge overwhelmed Quel’thalas, and quickly laid waste to the the city of Kul’glorel in the foothills of his regions, the mountain lord ambushed an undead army high in the mountain pass, and till this day, he still boasts about the way he “casted the rotting rubble down from my mountain”.

But now as the might of the grand alliance and horde battle the iron tide far away, in the jungles of Tanan, shadows loom other the red dawn mountain and his ruler, not only because many in Silvermoon started to see him as a nuisance and embarrassment to the regency; and as the bad blood between the mountain lord and the regency officials grow louder, the unchecked ambitions of a powerful blood elf magister, and his questionable dealing with Ironforge, threaten to turn to the red mountain zone into a new horde-alliance front.

And a greater, even darker danger lies deep below… and if left unchecked and awakened by greed and war, it may soon pose a deadly danger to Silvermoon and the whole kingdom of Quel’thalas.

* * *

Introduction to the helliorath islands
At the meanwhile, deep inside their vapor covered islands, the ancient people of Heliorath keep their fiery-sun worshipping theocracy concealed from the outer world. Long time passed, since those distinct relatives of mankind suffered a bitter defeat by the hands of the both the mountain elves and dwarves; but the old stories were passed from generation to generation; never forgotten, never forgiven.

And now, after the great Cataclysm torn the land and shattered much of the protective landscape, luring morlucs and nage into their no longer concealed heaven; and when Ironforge forces sail north, determined to claim riches and to ‘cut the hands’ of anyone that will dare threaten fellow dwarves… the fate of the fiery people hangs on the balance as well.


This is a fan writing of my ‘dream expansion’ in the world of Warcraft. I know and accept the fact that all the copyrights on the world of Warcraft universe and characters belongs to Blizzard Co and not to me, and I hereby make clear, that this is a fan work, without any means or purpose to gain financial profit from it.